Picture 6

If you are a fan of Chicago Public Radio’s show This American Life, then you will certainly enjoy The Moth. The Moth is a not-for-profit storytelling organization which encourages people from all walks of life to get up on stage and tell their stories. These stories are told without notes in front of a live audience. This adds a raw quality sometimes lacking with TAL (This American Life). The Moth podcasts enable me to enjoy one of my favorite childhood pastimes, eavesdroppping. As I listen I feel like am overhearing a conversation between my mother and the neighbors or an adult secret I wasn’t supposed to know about. In all fairness I never thought TAL lacked anything until listening to The Moth (except more episodes on Showtime) so it may not be fair to hint that TAL has a contrived element. What edited piece doesn’t? However, I feel that I have found Podcast nirvana in The Moth. Please give it a listen and once you are hooked purchase their Cds to help contribute to their program that teaches story telling to undeserved community members.