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If you are a fan of Chicago Public Radio’s show This American Life, then you will certainly enjoy The Moth. The Moth is a not-for-profit storytelling organization which encourages people from all walks of life to get up on stage and tell their stories. These stories are told without notes in front of a live audience. This adds a raw quality sometimes lacking with TAL (This American Life). The Moth podcasts enable me to enjoy one of my favorite childhood pastimes, eavesdroppping. As I listen I feel like am overhearing a conversation between my mother and the neighbors or an adult secret I wasn’t supposed to know about. In all fairness I never thought TAL lacked anything until listening to The Moth (except more episodes on Showtime) so it may not be fair to hint that TAL has a contrived element. What edited piece doesn’t? However, I feel that I have found Podcast nirvana in The Moth. Please give it a listen and once you are hooked purchase their Cds to help contribute to their program that teaches story telling to undeserved community members.


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This is my take on an Italian Classic. I’m sure you will enjoy!

1 bag of prepared pizza dough, cooked to the package’s specifications
1 can of trader Joe’s Marinara Sauce
1 thinly sliced tomato
2 handfuls of fresh basil leaves
1 package of extra extra firm italian or savory flavored tofu
3 cloves of garlic

Chop the basil, and garlic and slice the tomato. Chop the tofu blocks into small chunks (about the size of your pinky finger). Once the crust is ready add the pizza toppings, saving the tofu for last. Place the pizza under the broiler on high. Broil until basil leaves & tofu are crispy. 


For some more dairy free tips listen to the Compassionate Cook’s Podcast episode Life After Cheese

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